The main question, What to wear!!

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Alright guys lets get to the most dreaded question of all sessions, WHAT to wear! With the stress of never knowing what to wear, well Im here to help ease that stress with this helpful post. As a photographer here in El Paso, TX I know we don't always have a lot to work with wether it being scenery, lighting or just locations being available at certain times. with these stresses sometimes sessions can get moved to an unexpected location you weren't really planning for am I right? with  most locations having relatively the same neutral earthy tones being created in our outfit choices can also come as a challenge.

To the right you see a dense Barron of land a lot of browns with a hint of green, this lovely couple shot by ( Brooke Bakken) decided to liven up the area with a pop of bright yellow while her spouse wore a soft blue. When looking at her dress you notice how lovely the sun just hits it and makes her blend so incredibly well with her surrounding while still giving her the effect of pop.

Above you notice a gorgeous family photo, also with a soft desert scene in the background, when styling larger families color coordinating can be tough and also be offsetting. Having a variety of shades of color really can give a whole new look. While mom is in a darker pink you notice the girls an lighter shade giving great offset to the image. You never want to have everyone in the exact same colors not only can it hurt the image but it doesn't give the eyes any depth to appreciate. Color palette, Color palette, Color palette!  I cannot say thet enough always try on your clothing before hand to see how they mesh. 

Overall take away, Look for colors you can pop in your location without being to over bearing. Colors I recommend for the desert scenery are White, Taupe, Shades of pink and yellow, blues and soft pastel greens.

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